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Tunnel Love!

I wanted to blog here and personally thank some friends, the welly wangers (it’s meant to be endearing), for kickstarting me with getting the polytunnel up. It’s far from finished, but we at least removed some saplings that needed to be rehomed, installed lots of ground tubes, and got 1 hoop up! I’ll actually have […]

Hey Pumpkin!

Well I’d never planted any squash or pumpkin before, but now I’m intimately aware of just how far these amazing creeping plants want to spread! I don’t remember planting out many seedlings, but I ended up with a massive abundance of traditional ‘Jack O Lantern’ types, winter squash, and a strange one that I didn’t […]

3rd Time Lucky?

Bert has been boring us again! Well, boring the ground with his fancy drilling rig. It’s the 3rd hole he has drilled, so all our fingers are crossed that this time, he hits a decent pocket of ground water. The 2nd hole, it was assumed, had a decent amount of water. It was one of […]


This blog post is about our bore hole. Our 82 metre deep borehole, that until this weekend, had a pump stuck at the bottom! Why was it stuck? I’ll explain that later. How did we get it unstuck? With lots of research, patience, and help from our friends. What a relief! When we first dropped […]