Grassroots Garden


We are a new small market garden CIC (Community Interest Company), growing the tastiest veggies in the heart of Cornwall, on the outskirts of Redruth. We exist to feed our community, to improve access to good quality local food, and to share this journey with those who want to grow with us.

So that we can provide weekly veg boxes for our local community (you), we are using the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription model. All this means is you become a member and receive a veg box every week, which gives you a share of the produce for the whole season, and connects you directly to the people who grow your food.

We will expand our members list soon for the year, so please get in touch if you would like to join us and you will be added to the list.

We are providing the best veg we can, for local households. We are starting small so that we can experiment, learn and grow at a pace that doesn’t over stretch us.

If you are local, and would like to eat local veg, join us on this journey! There will be wonky carrots, bulging beets and bountiful brassicas. We want you to know where your food comes from and how it’s grown. This is how we used to grow and buy food before our food systems were industrialised. Let’s get back to basics, to our roots, with reliable, organically grown, local food, for local people. No chemicals, just food.


“The veg tasted so much better than the plastic-wrapped, shop-bought stuff! I’m never going back.

Rob, Redruth – our first veg box customer

Join Us

Become a member of our CSA/veg box scheme and become a supporter of a resilient and grass roots food network.

Our Farm And Practices

The “Regenerative Agriculture” revolution works wonders on soil, and can help save the world by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

Who We Are

Learn who is growing this veg, and why.