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Autumn Update!

Well it feels like years since I last posted anything. It seems that there is just never enough time to do this when there are always things to fix, plants to plant, weeds to pull and veg to deliver. I’ll lay out the bullet points that I can remember here and then fill them out. […]

Summer Of Veg

This summer really has been so bountiful! It started with turnips and beets, and now it’s overflowing with tomatoes, aubergines, beans galore, melons, watermelons, a loofa, and more leafy greens than you can shake a trowel at. I’ve not been blogging much, although I have intended to share the progress. I’ve been working pretty hard […]


Here’s a stream of conscious thought: Well, I’m not sure if spring is here yet or not. It certainly feels that way at times, and the sap sure is rising in many of the fruit trees. In fact, the pear blossom is almost ready on the tree I have here, but the rootstocks I bought […]


Here we are in 2023, and after having such warm temperatures at times in the last couple of months, it’s seriously dropped. This killed off lots of plants, but many survive and even thrive in the cold and snow! Now that things have thawed, myself included, I have started to plant a few seeds in […]


In times like these, it’s food banks and the people who run and volunteer at them that make me have hope for humanity. I spoke with Mel at the foodbank distribution centre in Pool, and it sounds like donations are way down. Particularly for the more substantial items. This is inevitable as belts are tightened, […]

Tunnel Love!

I wanted to blog here and personally thank some friends, the welly wangers (it’s meant to be endearing), for kickstarting me with getting the polytunnel up. It’s far from finished, but we at least removed some saplings that needed to be rehomed, installed lots of ground tubes, and got 1 hoop up! I’ll actually have […]