Volunteer days are every Thursday!

Redruth’s only CSA (community supported agriculture) farm, needs your help! We are entering into our 2nd season of growing veggies for local households, by hand, with love.

If you are curious about growing, have the greenest of fingers, or just want to get involved in something that’s good for community, the planet, and your wellbeing, then please join us! We are running volunteer days every Thursday.

Grassroots garden CIC  at it’s essence is a start-up CSA farm, and permaculture project on 2.5 acres, growing ‘beyond-organically’ on the edge of Redruth. 

Become a Grassroots Gardener:

We would love to work with local people, to co-create this space and do our bit for the planet and each other. 

We want to expand so that we can feed more members (and volunteers), which in turn, allows us to support more struggling families via local food banks.

Last year we gave over £750 worth of veg to people in need, and we’d love to increase that amount this year!

We can offer lots of tea, plenty of soup for lunch, and a friendly vibe while we work with our hands and the soil. We would love your help to kickstart the growing season! Help with planting new seedlings, clearing weeds, prepping this year’s beds, making new veg beds, fruit tree grafting, weeding, watering, tying tomatoes and many other things before the harvesting begins.  If you’re arty, perhaps you could help write some signs? Practical? Help us build something!

We have a newly installed polytunnel that is lovely and warm, which will soon be planted full of yummy tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and many other crops. Please help us fill it! 

If you are interested in knowing more or helping in any way whatsoever, please give Dan a call or send me a message on 07916444709, and check out our volunteer days list (above). If you can help on a different day, please let us know! We would love to hear from you.

We are here: https://goo.gl/maps/kaRLchhtp7FpdWnn8 We have space for some cars to park, and can use the “Wheal Peevor” carpark if needed. Head towards “Globe Vale Holiday Park”, and turn left down the “Wheal Peevor / Windy Ridge” track. We are just on the right, open on Thursdays.