Rain, rain, come again!

This drought has been really frustrating. Especially so when we discovered the borehole was dry! Finally, we’ve had some rain that is now stored in the tanks, which can only mean one thing: waterslide! Oops, not that: planting out!

Thank goodness for that rain! It has enabled us to plant out loads of kale, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, Kohl rabi, and there will be more going in soon.

Thanks go out to Jez, for doing some dowsing for us. Bert the borehole guy could do with a little assistance, as the last 2 holes he drilled have been very deep, and very dry, so we’re working on drilling another asap so we can really get this show on the road.

Will the borehole find enough water to keep the crops alive? Or will we have a super soggy spring that nourishes the seedlings?

I’ll keep you in the loop! And I’ll be posting pics of the veggies as they grow or get eaten. Fingers crossed!

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