Hey Pumpkin!

Well I’d never planted any squash or pumpkin before, but now I’m intimately aware of just how far these amazing creeping plants want to spread! I don’t remember planting out many seedlings, but I ended up with a massive abundance of traditional ‘Jack O Lantern’ types, winter squash, and a strange one that I didn’t even plant that was a butternut in taste, but was bigger than any I had ever seen. If you’d like to buy some, send me an email and I’ll put them aside for you.

Check out the new stall with all the veggies! I have been selling some of the harvest on the gate with an honesty box. They went like hotcakes. Also, I don’t want to brag, but have you seen the size of that white carrot?!

I’m really proud of the quality and quantity of produce that has been bursting out of the beds. So much superfood kale, some beautiful Romanesco cauliflowers (my favourite vegetable), and I’ve even been getting into seed saving.

Are you ready to be part of next season’s CSA membership vegbox scheme?

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