Hi! We’re Grassroots Garden, and we want to grow the healthiest fruit and veg we can for the people around us.

Grassroots Garden CIC started a few years ago, in response to rising food insecurity and an increasingly disconnected industrial food system. Since then, food insecurity has increased: farmers around the world have been protesting at being squeezed so hard by supermarkets and governments, corporate control of our food system has multiplied, and we’ve experienced increasing levels of extreme weather at home and from where we import half our food. We want to be part of the solution in our little corner of the world, and you can join us in this mission!

We have 3 directors, 2 part time growers, some amazing volunteers, and loads of local people who subscribe to receive weekly veg bags.

We want to create a food system that can stand up to challenges like Brexit, Covid, climate change and whatever else is around the corner and this is what Grassroots Garden CIC is all about.

We share the growing space every Thursday so that we can support our community to learn about and participate in growing in a regenerative way.

After learning about “Regenerative Agriculture” and its ability to rebuild our soils, nurture our bodies and reverse some of the harm we have done to the planet (including global warming), there really was no choice – we had to take the necessary steps towards becoming part of the solution and not adding to the problem. Our “no dig” veg beds are full of local compost, and we are growing incredibly successfully here.

Who is helping us?

Our wonderful volunteers, amazing members, and awesome grant funders are all a huge part of this project.

The National Lottery Community Fund have recently awarded us a grant to run the “Grow Together” project, which has paid for another polytunnel to give us loads of undercover space to work in, to eat, and to run workshops, and to grow lots more food! They have also funded part time grower/volunteer coordinator roles! This is an absolute game changer, for which we are so incredibly grateful.

Locally, Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change (CN4C) have helped us in many ways, by lending us their kitchen to run a “Chutney Club” day, and by guiding us through our first grant application – which we won! Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

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