Spring Has Sprung!

Hello folks. Isn’t it lovely when winter finally fades, and the leaves come out and wave? The birds are singing, sun is shining, and it’s time for our green fingers to un-glove, and get to work. It’s just magical, planting a seed and watching it grow. We are incredibly lucky to be able to do this for our local community, and grateful for all your support.

If you’re wanting to become a member, you’ll be as pleased as us to see our seedlings coming along nicely, being nurtured for the last few months in the greenhouse, before they end up at their final destination, delivered to your door each week (if you’re in Redruth and sign up of course) – and I can’t wait to see the pics of your culinary creations. We will have a member’s Facebook group to share this stuff.

So what have we been up to? All sorts. There was a lot of tree planting in Jan-Feb, one of us had covid in the last month, and then we were busy on an environmental campaign for a couple of weeks, so it has been hectic. It feels great to be back in Cornwall!

This week we delivered lots of veg from the beds planted last year, to a local CIC (Community Interest Company) called Food Troops – which helps struggling families with food in Redruth. This felt great, and the right thing to do, and we will continue to support local struggling people on behalf of our members. If you’re struggling to put food on the table, please send us an email and we will help if we can.

What’s left to do? So much! The polytunnel trench needs some more work, and we are hoping to put a skin on in the next few weeks, and then fill it with tomatoes, aubergene, peppers, and all sorts of heat-loving plants.

So far, if you’re curious, we have planted (from the top of my head) aubergene, many different speciality carrots, 2 varieties of cucumbers, lots of chicory, green and brown (used for dhal) peas, several different beans, a few types of beetroot, turnips, spinach, chard, 4 types of kale, kohl rabi (if you haven’t tried this, you’re in for a treat), endive, so many colours and flavours of lettuce, 3 types of tomato, edible flowers for the salad mix, 3 types of garlic, 3 types of broccoli, leeks, spring onions, radish, asparagus, and probably many more that I’ve missed. We still have so many favourites to plant in the next few weeks, like sweetcorn, courgettes, and a dizzying array of salad leaves and flowers! I’ll add pics of the seed packets we have left after our recent flurry of planting – quite a selection! I felt the need to stock up after the seed shortages in the last couple of years, just in case. We are using heritage varieties, and will save an increasing amount of our own seed as time goes on.

So here are some pics to show you some of all this. Thanks for reading folks! Please get in touch if you’d like to join us, whether as a member, or as a work-share volunteer, or just to say hi.

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