We are supplying a limited number of boxes/shares in 2022

Be our pioneers! We’re looking for change makers and food lovers, who want to support ecologically-sound, local farming by buying a box of veg once a week. Simple huh?
We guarantee to bring you the freshest, beyond-organic heritage variety vegetables we can grow, here on the outskirts of Redruth.

We are only planting enough for a small number of customers/members while we master this way of growing. Be one of the first people to support your local regenerative food network by becoming a member to receive your weekly veg box.

As a member of the CSA* you will:

  • Pay for 4 week blocks of veg boxes in advance.
  • Support small-scale, Cornish farming with the smallest carbon footprint possible.
  • Enjoy chemical-free, nutritious salad, veg and greens, every week of the growing season.
  • Know that your food is grown in a regenerative way that helps the planet and does not pollute it.
  • Eat heirloom heritage varieties of veg that have been passed down for generations.
  • Shape the CSA as a member and have your say in what is grown.

    (* CSA = Community Supported Agriculture)

Risk – Free

We have to be honest as new growers – we will have crop failures, even the experts do. Unlike some CSA schemes, we guarantee that you will receive a weekly veg box full of locally grown produce, even if we have issues, because we will buy in items from other farms. This means that you will receive your veg no matter what happens.

Buying veg in this way is gaining popularity around the world, because it connects people with their local growers, and the land that surrounds and feeds us.

If you have any queries, please contact us .

Many boxes will vary greatly, but you can look forward to £10 worth (or more) of:

  • Generous box of special mixed salad, including micro-greens and unusual leaves for varied flavours and textures.
  • Plenty of greens, which would be kale, chard and/or spinach.
  • A bunch of roots, like carrots or beetroot, sometimes turnip.
  • Seasonal vegetables like sweetcorn, fennel, peas, broccoli, garlic, green beans and occasional quirky new items.
Share sizePrice per box per week/4-weeksFeedsItems
Regular£10/£401-2 people6+
Large£15/£603-4 people6+
Number of items is approximate. I am copying the model of other CSAs around the UK. I will do my best to fill the boxes with veg grown by me, but will supplement as and when necessary from elsewhere.

The growing season starts in February, with May being the time to expect first harvests. During the times of year when the garden is mostly dormant, I will source most veg from as close by as I can and buy these in bulk to share among the members. This is to keep the business afloat and to keep the veg coming, supporting a local resilient food system and cutting out the supermarkets.

Delivery for members is possible if you live within 2 miles, and we have included this in the price. Preference is given to members that live on our existing delivery route. ,