3rd Time Lucky?

Bert has been boring us again! Well, boring the ground with his fancy drilling rig. It’s the 3rd hole he has drilled, so all our fingers are crossed that this time, he hits a decent pocket of ground water.

The 2nd hole, it was assumed, had a decent amount of water. It was one of the deepest I’ve heard of, at 82m! Most of the time, Bert hits water by 40m, so for such a deep hole to run dry after a few minutes, it’s not a good situation. Lots of time, money and energy has been spent on lowering, raising, re lowering pumps, cables and pipes, and without a reliable source of water, our project can’t really grow all that well.

It’ll take a while to get the pump up from the last well, and installed down into this one, I’ll keep posting updates so that I can remember this part of the journey in a few years time.

see the drilling rig…

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