Tunnel Love!

I wanted to blog here and personally thank some friends, the welly wangers (it’s meant to be endearing), for kickstarting me with getting the polytunnel up. It’s far from finished, but we at least removed some saplings that needed to be rehomed, installed lots of ground tubes, and got 1 hoop up!

I’ll actually have to take it down again to add the right fittings, but I wanted it up to celebrate the milestone. The tunnel has been in bits since I bought it 2nd hand last summer, and it’s been one of those vital jobs that just gets put on the back burner – do you have those? Well finally, we’ve made a start, and although I’ll need to get the digger back to change the trench location and lots of other things (I was rushed last time), we should be up and running with a working tunnel before the growing season starts. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and I laid hundreds of metres of landscape fabric, ready to plant some wind shelter trees and habitat! Happy days. Now for the long slog of planting hundreds of cuttings and bare-rooted trees before spring comes.

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