Check out our first veg boxes!

We went picking the other night after a day of planting, fencing, faffing and planning, and counted 15 different crops that are ready or almost ready! I know that was the plan all along, so it shouldn’t have surprised me, but check out this veg box!

There are a few more bits and bobs ready to put in, but to see 3 different colours of beetroot, 2 types of lettuce, white and orange carrots, kohl rabi, 2 types of kale, spring onions, chard and edible flowers all in one place, it made my heart swell with pride and amazement. This veg growing journey is really happening! Nature is working her hardest and everything is going smoothly.

I missed out the cucumbers in the small tunnel, along with tomatoes, broccoli, radishes, and there are probably a load of alpine strawberries ready too. Hey – I even picked a few blueberries, believe it or not!

So there we have it – our first veg box, sold to a dear friend of mine. We have learned so much this year, and feel more ready than ever to grow the best veg we can, for local people. Our planting plan is being made so that we can fill a veg box every week for our members, with any unforeseen gaps being filled by our other farming friends.

Please get in touch if you’re in mid Cornwall and want to be part of a local and resilient food system. Become a member and you’ll be supporting this kind of growing, which benefits the soil, the planet, and you.
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