Summer Of Veg

This summer really has been so bountiful! It started with turnips and beets, and now it’s overflowing with tomatoes, aubergines, beans galore, melons, watermelons, a loofa, and more leafy greens than you can shake a trowel at.

I’ve not been blogging much, although I have intended to share the progress. I’ve been working pretty hard outside, not getting much laptop time, until a dodgy back and now a stinking cold are forcing me out of action so I can type this right now. I think I need a social media and blog wizz. Any takers?

We have had many yields that do not grow in the ground that I would like to touch on. Sounds cheesy, but the volunteers have been so amazing, it has been an honour to be a part of this. Sometimes there’s just me, and at others, there’re loads of us, cracking on with whatever needs doing, while we chat about the world. We’re creating community here and it’s wonderful. And the members have been sharing recipes, photos of their culinary creations, and all around appreciation for good veg that’s grown by hand, with love, by wonderful people.

The volunteer whatsapp group is full of community-minded, caring people, and I have seen friendships blossom. What a wonderful thing to behold! And all stemming around the one thing we all have in common: food. It’s as essential as air and water, and the vast majority of us used to be involved in the growing of it. Now we mostly use huge machines and chemicals to do all the work, and we ship it hundreds or thousands of miles, to be wrapped in plastic or processed, and taken off a shelf to be consumed. I feel like this modern attitude towards food is not serving us. What is serving me right now, is to be connected to this place with my hands in the soil, to the like-minds around me with food to offer, and to know that Grassroots Garden CIC is growing in the most wonderful way.

Big shout-out to CN4C- Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change! We recently were awarded a grant that shall be spent on some better wheelbarrows, some compost, and some tracks. Next steps, are to try and get infrastructure grants for more polytunnels, and to expand the veg production. At the same time, we are tinkering with the prospect of a few camping pitches in the summer, and opening up for some eco-camping to entice those who might appreciate the abundance and the location. There are so many directions we could take, that I’m glad I have great people around me to talk these things through with. Some of these great people have been beautifying the place with flowers and herbs, and I look forward to what blooms next season.

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