With a little help from our friends!

Our recent volunteer days were so wonderful, and we were blown away by all the amazing responses. The Facebook post was seen thousands of times, and was received really well, so we’re looking forward to getting to know all the new budding Grassroots Gardeners!

Thanks to Sam, Hamish, Pete, Perran, and Katharine for your help with the weeding, planting thousands of onions, and potting up and grafting trees!

Check out the home-made dibber that Pete cobbled together with some egg cups and bits laying around at home! It has made wonderful holes for planting inside and out, and has helped me when my back was sore, so it’s very much appreciated.

We will continue to welcome more Grassroots Gardeners, and look forward to growing together and serving our community in the most ecological way we can. Please join us if you’d like to learn how we grow, or just for the soup and tea. Call or message me on 07916444709 or email grassrootsgarden@protonmail.com or through this form:https://grassrootsgarden.co.uk/contact/

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