Here we are in 2023, and after having such warm temperatures at times in the last couple of months, it’s seriously dropped. This killed off lots of plants, but many survive and even thrive in the cold and snow!

Now that things have thawed, myself included, I have started to plant a few seeds in the greenhouse. There’s so much work to be done, including preparing dozens of beds, planting thousands of seeds, building the trailer for deliveries, sealing the greenhouse, sorting out the volunteer caravan and facilities, blogging the progress (tick!), and loads more jobs that seem unrelated, but aren’t.

I’ve been hibernating since the end of last season while I process how wonderful and challenging last year was, and plan this season to be even better. And more viable for a long term future.

There are so many plans afoot, but I usually get ahead of myself and spread my energy too thinly, so I’m not sure which ones to divulge. Camping areas are one of the plans, but getting a mains water connection goes hand-in-hand with that, along with bikes for hire, a wood-fired pizza oven, laying tracks and all sorts. For now, I am just going to concentrate on the veg, because I’m still in the early days.

I am looking for pots of funding to scale up the growing operation, to buy labour-saving tools and kit, seed saving and isolating infrastructure, and to lay tracks and move forward, but it’s hard to focus on this while I’m also keeping everything ticking over. If anyone would like to get involved to help in any way, please just contact me – I’d really appreciate it.

I’ve been doing some fencing, tree planting, tea drinking and friend-making with a wonderful local volunteer for a couple of months now, who I’m incredibly grateful to share time with. It’s lovely to have support and company, and he seems to have a wealth of knowledge in so many areas – thanks Pete! You’re a star.

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